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Initial: R, Raras

Initial: L, Lyla

Initial: D, Demi Lovato

Initial: J, Joe Jonas

Initial: N, Nick Jonas

Initial: K, Kevin Jonas

Disney Magazine Office..

Mr. B: We have to get more news from Demi.

L: Ya, I guess.

J: (walks by)

L: Jessica?

J: Yes?

L: Can you.. please.. report Demi?

J: Demi?? No way!!

Mr. B: Why is it?

J: She’s a.. little.. jerk!!

L: It’s just a little, right?

J: But I hate it! I hate jerk people! Even it’s just a little!

L: But you have to..

J: Why don’t you do it by yourself, huh?

L: I..

J: Miley is better! (walks away)

R: I can!

L: Raras?

R: I can do it! please!

L: Raras, but you’re new here..

R: I know! But I have to.. I’m here.. Right now.. Because.. I just want to meet Demi Lovato.. If I could talk to her.. It’ll be better..

L: …

Mr.B: …, but…

R: Please! (look at Lyla) Lyla, I know you know me.. I know you know that I’m a very big fan of Demi.. I know you know the reason why I’m here.. Please, Lyla.. Help me!

L: (thinking) you know? I think I can help you..

R: Really? Thank’s!

L: This.. Is Demi’s number.. Call her.

R: What? Oh, yeah. Thank’s. I’ll do it later.

L: No, NOW.

R: But..

L: Rass.. Be brave!

R: Eh.. umm.. all.. all right.. (push the numbers)

D: Hello? Demi Lovato’s here.. What’s the problem there?

R: Hi, umm.. I’m.. I’m Raras.. A reporter from Disney Magazine, and I.. I thought we have to plan a meeting.. Because we want to report some news from you.. and.. When are you free?

D: Listen, Raras. Tomorrow, I have a meeting with the Jonas Brothers in the Starbucks Coffee at the Times Square, at 10.00 a.m., maybe you can come before it?

R: Ya, sure. I’ll be there at 09.30.

D: Okay, umm.. See ya!

R: Bye..

R: (look at Lyla) AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

R & L: (laughing and hugging)

L: Do you know? You’re the bravest person I ever know..

R: Am I? (glamourious style)

L & R: (laughing together)

Starbucks Coffee, Times Square, 10.00 a.m.

R: (waiting)

D: (opening the door, trying to find Raras)

R: Demi! Here! (raising hand to Demi)

D: Oh, hey! (walking to Raras)

R: Hi, umm.. Demi.. I’m Raras a reporter from Disney Magazine.. I know you ever know me..

D: Yeah, I guess.

R: So, uh.. listen Demi. Before we start, I wanna tell you something that very, important, to me. (looking seriously at Demi)

D: Don’t look at me like that!

D: Tell me what?

R: Demi, I’m Raras..

D: I knowit. You told me that for 3 times.

R: From Indonesia.

D: Indonesia?? It’s a very..

R: I know. A very far country from here.

D: Are your parents here?

R: They aren’t. They’re in Indonesia now.

D: You leave them?!

R: No, they leave me.

D: Huh. Funny. I don’t believe it.

R: Sometimes ago, I’m sorry I didn’t count it.

D: Go on.

R: My parents planned a holiday to went abroad. But, they confused what country they want to go. At that time, until now, I’m a very big fan of you. Maybe you can call me a Demi Lovato’s fan number 1, heh. So, I asked to my mom, “How about LA?” I asked this place, because this is a place when are you live. So, they accepted it And then, I went here because just 1 reason. MEET YOU.

D: (surprising) Really?

R: Ya, and my parents and I went here. Sometimes later, my parents wanted to go home. But I didn’t meet you yet. So, I asked to my mom, “I have to stay here”, “But you have to go to school”, “I know, I can school here”, “How about the money?”, “ I can work here. Please, mom” I said. And my parents with so hard feelings, they let me go. Then, I met a girl named Lyla. She wanted me to work in Disney Magazine. I was very glad about it. Because I know you’re working in Disney too, right? So, I approved it. And right here, right now, I finally can meet you.

D: Oh, my god.. You.. I can’t believe it! Is that a truth?

R: Ya, I never and I’ll never lie to my idol.

D: Can we just become best friends? J

R: Of course! :D (hugging Demi)

D: So, can we start now?

R: Oh, yeah. I almost forget about it! All right, we can start now.

D & R: (talking each other)

One hour later…

N: (comes by) Hi, Demi!

D: Oh, hi Joe! Nick! Kevin!

J: Hi.

K: Hi.

D: So, are you single now?

J: Who?

D: (smiling)

J: Me? Ya, I guess.

K: What, Demi you want him?

D: Me? Want a very naughtiest person like this? No way!

J: Hey! Don’t say it! I’m not a very naughtiest person like that!

N: Wow.. Seems like Joe wanted if Demi wants him..

J: Hey!

N & K: (laughing)

D: (just Smiling) Oh, yeah. So, guys. This is Raras. My new friend.

R: Hi.

N & K & J: Hi.

J: Raras? Like a very unusual name.

R: Yeah, maybe here it’s an unusual name, but in my country there’s much people named Raras.

J: Really? Where is that?

R: Actually, It’s Indonesia.

N: Hm. Far country.

R: Ya, I think so.

D: Oh, no! Guys, I’ve to go.

R: Where?

D: I have a job, Raras..

R: But..

D: Don’t be afraid.. I know them, they’re nice.. They won’t hurt you..

R: I know, but..

D: Don’t go anywhere until I’m back, guys! Okay?

J & K & N & R: All right..

D: Or I’ll be very mad if you guys do it. Bye! (walks away)

To be continued..

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