Cerita Khayalan Gue Part 2

J: So, Raras. Can you sing?
R: Of Course I can. But my voice isn't that great, huh.
K: Come on!
N: Maybe we'll think it's good. Let's hear it.
R: No..
J: Why not? We're friends now, right?
R: Uh.. Umm.. Okay..
J: Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?
K: Maybe.
N: What are you thinking about?
J: I think you can sign up for Disney Channel.
R: Huh? What do you mean?
J: Become an actress, a singer, or both, like Demi.
R" Joe, I think I'm too nervous to do that you know..
J: If you dont want to sign up , we'll sign up for you.
R: I won't go there.
J: Whatever you say, cause, even you dont want to go there, we'll still sign up for you.
R: How can it happened? You need me if you guys want to sign up for me.
J: I dont really think so, cause..
R: (confuse)
J: I have it. (show the record)
R: Joe! You're a real jerk! Give it to me..
J: No.. (stand up)
R: Give it! To me! (follow Joe)
J: (run!!)
R: (try to catch Joe)
N: Joe!! Give it to her!!
N: (looking at Kevin) Demi was right. He's the naughtiest person,
K: Yeah, I think so.
R: (in front of the door with Joe) Where are you going? Demi'll very mad if you leave her..
J: What? I'll be back before Demi come back.
R: Hmm.. I think you'll lose.
J: Why? I know LA so much. How can I lose?
R: You're not lose yourself. That girl will make you lose.
J: That girl? Who? What do you mean?
R: Oh, no. I'm sorry, I was wrong. I mean, THAT GIRLSSSSSSSS.
J: Huh?
R: Girls! Oh no!! Joe Jonas's here!!!!
Girls: JOE???? JONAS???? AAAAAAA!!!!!!! (screaming and running to Joe)
J: No, no, no, no!! Hey, hey, hey!! (running)
R: (looking at Joe and that girls) Goodbye! ;)

To be continued...

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